1.      Each year, a league signup form will be included in the club prior to the Annual Open House in March.A signup deadline will be included on the form.Any male club member in good standing with the club and the league can join by filling out the form and turning it and their league fees in at the pro shop prior to the deadline.A pre-league meeting will be scheduled in April, the date being included on the form.


2.      An even number of teams consisting of four or five golfers will be formed after the signup deadline.The number of teams and golfers on each team, will depend on the number of members that sign up by the deadline.The league officers will make this determination.The teams will be balanced into A, B, C, D and, if needed, E flight players according to current handicap.Any league member that does not have a USGA handicap must provide an estimated average for use in initial flighting.The teams will be split into two divisions if there are ten or more teams.


3.      Previous year league players will have priority in the event the total number of golfers that sign up canít be divided as outlined in rule 2.Extra names will be put on the sub list.


4.      The ĎAí player on each team is the automatic captain unless the team chooses to select someone else the first night of league play, which will be on the first Monday in May each year.Captains will act as liaisons between their team and the officers.They will be given information for their teams when posting it on the club bulletin board is not appropriate.


5.      League fees of $50 are due on the first night of league play.This consists of $25 for league expenses,$5 each for the 3 league tournaments, $5 each for the mid-season BBQ and the final night meal.


6.      The league schedule will consist of 15 nights.The first and last night will be team scrambles.The eighth night will be a Presidentís Choice tournament.The other 12 nights will be team matches.One or more position rounds may be included in those 12 nights, depending on the number of teams.The league will alternate between the front nine and the back nine each week.


7.      The $5 per person prize money for each tournament will be returned to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers in a 50/30/20 split with the money adjusted to the nearest value that would provide even dollar amounts for each player.In the event of a tie for 1st place, a scorecard playoff will determine the winner.The order of the holes will be drawn at random, one at a time, until one team has a lower score.A tie for 2nd place will result in the 2nd and 3rd place money being combined and split equally between all teams tied for 2nd.A tie for 3rd place will result in the 3rd place money being split equally between all teams tied for 3rd.


8.      Team matches are contested for 8 or 10 points (depending on team size) each week in the following manner:††††††††††††††††††††††† 1 point per flight for low net stroke score

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1 point per flight for most holes won in handicapped match play


9.      The club handicap will be the basis for your league handicap.Since club handicaps are for 18 holes and this is a 9 hole league, the CDGA computer will automatically give you the correct 9 hole handicap, depending on which nine you play.


10.  Flight position within the team will not be changed due to any handicap changes.Initial flight assignments will stand for the entire season, with the exception of a new player replacing an old player with a big difference in handicap (this is subject to the approval of all team captains).


11.  All matches must be played on Monday.Substitutes may be used.All male club members in good standing with established handicaps are eligible to be a substitute.Failure to arrange for a substitute, when unable to play, will result in forfeiture of the two individual points.(If opposing players both forfeit, the individual points will be split between both teams.)


12.  For scrambles, handicaps of substitutes must not be lower than the lowest handicap in the regular playerís flight.


13.  A substitute can only be playing against one opponent.Regulars are not eligible to substitute while they are playing as a regular.


14.  Any league member that forfeits 3 or more times will not be considered in good standing for the following year, with the exception of extenuating circumstances approved by the officers.It is the responsibility of the team to find a substitute for future matches if the absent member is unable or unwilling to do it.No refund of membership fees will be returned to any eliminated teammates.


15.  There will be a 5:00 shotgun start for all matches. If a golfer will not be able to be there for the 5:00 start, he must contact his opponent and the golf shop by 4:00 p.m. with an expected arrival time, and the golf shop will work them into play.Failure to meet this rule will result in a forfeit.


16.  A & B players will play from the purple tees (age 70+ have the option of playing from the white tees). C, D & E players will play from the white tees (age 70+ have the option of playing from the red tees). Golfers must play from the same set of tees for the entire round.


17.  USGA and local club rules will prevail during league play. Out-of-bounds is to be played as stroke & distance.


18.  The ball can be played up as long as itís not in a hazard. Hazards includes sand traps and areas marked with red or yellow lines/stakes.


19.  Score cards should be turned in at the golf shop immediately after the conclusion of the match, so the golf shop can input scores into the computer.Scores will be posted by the golf shop each Monday night.


20.  All disputes or questions are subject to the decision of the club pro.All decisions are final.Any protests must be in written form and submitted within 24 hours of the event in dispute.